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from addiction

is within reach


Saving Lives by helping people achieve remission from addiction


The outpatient substance use disorder treatment program at TRRN uses a broad range

 of treatment approaches in order to tailor treatment to individual needs. Using the

 Remission Outcome (RO) Measure, TRRN is able to track your progress

as you work to achieve your recovery goals.

Addiction remission: the trrn experience

“TRRN SAVED MY LIFE!! I was homeless living on the streets, using heroin everyday, and my life was so out of control. And then TRRN basically rescued me and helped me w/ housing, outpatient drug treatment, and counseling to get my life manageable. Thank you TRRN.”  David

“TRRN has changed my life. I look forward to my groups and my therapist, [she] is amazing. [The front office] treats me like family and I know that any issue or problem I have, I have a place to go and get help. And if they cannot help me right there, they know where to send me or who to call. I've never been treated with such respect. [buprenorphine] is a touchy subject and its hard to find a place where you feel completely safe TRRN is it!”  - Coriell

"TRRN is by far the best place I have ever been to for treatment. The staff make you feel so comfortable and are easy to talk to even when you mess up you can be honest with them and they help you through it. I've never stayed anywhere for as long as I have here. I would have left by now if it were any other place. Thank you TRRN staff.”

- Melinda

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