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Our Mission

The Recovery Research Network Foundation strives to create Awareness, build Advocacy, and Advance our understanding of addiction as a chronic disease within our communities.

Change Starts Here

All of our communities across this country have been impacted by the deadly addiction epidemic that continues to take our families, friends, and loved ones at a rate of 60,000 lives per year. It is only through active participation of our communities that we can begin to curb the senseless loss of life, and help those individuals dealing with addiction find Recovery.


We have developed and offer ongoing free educational programs for schools, families, and patients. Check out our Event Calendar and join us for our regularly scheduled events. If you are with a school or other larger group please contact us so we may discuss how we may work together to bring our programs to your organization.


Our research programs are aimed to translate scientific understanding into best treatment practices. We are actively seeking interesting opportunities for collaboration. Our team of experienced scientists and clinicians will be excited to hear how we may work with you and your organization. Contact us about research projects here.

Expanding Treatment Access

Through partnerships with the Department of Health and Human Services and the Florida Department of Children and Families, we provide treatment for uninsured patients and free Narcan Rescue Kits to our community. Learn more about rescue kits and how to receive one here.

Patient Job and Housing Support

We are developing relationships with local community businesses to support job training and career growth for patients.

Public Policy

We have developed and offer ongoing free educational programs for schools, families, and patients.

Healthcare Policy

We have developed and offer ongoing free educational programs for schools, families, and patients.

The Foundation is actively partnering with employers, educators, researchers, and policy makers to help create awareness, build advocacy, and advance our understanding of addiction as a chronic disease.

We would love to hear how we could work together with your organization.

Call us at (561) 812-2002 or email

In lieu of monetary donations, the following items would greatly help patients in our communities:

  • Vaultz Locking Medication Case: These are critical for our patient's to safe-gaurd the medication they receive during their treatment.

  • Business attire (Men's and Women's): The next time you are cleaning out your closet, please consider donating some of your business attire that you no longer wear to us. We will distribute them to those that are in need. The old suit in the back of your closet that you haven't worn in 10 years could be the difference maker for someone who desperately needs a job to get back on their feet.

  • Children's toys (all ages): Patient's suffering from addiction or alcoholism are mothers and fathers too, and all too often their disease has led to loss of employment, loss of custody, etc. By donating a new or used toy, you can give someone a chance to come home with a present for their child's birthday, or have a present under the tree for them at Christmas.

  • Gift cards: We generally discourage donating cash directly to someone who is suffering from addiction, as cash itself is many times a "cue" for patients. A cue is something like a memory trigger that can elicit a strong craving for a drug that someone may be recovering from. Cash is often cited as a cue because prior to their recovery, a patient's main use for cash was likely to purchase drugs. Instead we recommend putting money on a gift card that can restrict the use of those funds for a certain purpose (grocery stores, gas cards, Walmart). Your donation can help a patient feed himself and/or his family, help them get to work and/or treatment, or allow them to buy much needed clothing.

  • Childcare - if you are a childcare provider and would like to donate your time and services to help someone who is trying to put their life back together, please call us and let us know what you might be able to provide. Often people may only need an hour of childcare while they attend a job interview or attend treatment services, and you can give them this opportunity.

  • Volunteer work at TRRN Foundation. The community that is fighting this battle needs all hands on deck, and there are many ways in which you can pitch in to help fight the epidemic that our country is facing. Everyone has a different set of skills that they can bring to this fight, and we are eager to hear what yours might be and how you might like to use them to help. People with backgrounds in science or healthcare, communications, public policy, education, healthcare administration, emergency services, job-search training, housing support, social work, or anybody willing to help are strongly encouraged to contact us.

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