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• Large or small, experienced or novice, launch or late phase life-cycle management, we can assist your company’s substance use disorder strategy

• Only outsourcing group tailored specifically to meet your needs within the substance use disorder disease space

• Flexibility to manage small programs, or build out entire post-launch strategy

• Fully capable of self management, or able to integrate under your company’s management team

Government Affairs 

•  Federal, state, and local strategy and prioritization

• Legislation development

• Public relations strategy 

Our MIssion:

Creating Awareness – Building Advocacy – Advancing Our Understanding of Addiction as a Chronic Disease

Who We are:

1. Cross-functional, multidisciplinary team of substance use disorder experts

2. Substance use disorder treatment, research, and consulting institution

3. Only outsourcing group for your pharmaceutical or biotech company needs specific to substance use disorder

Our experience includes:

Commercial and Sales - Marketing - Clinical & Medical - Government Affairs - Research and Grant Management - External Stakeholder Targeting and Development 

Consulting services we offer

  • Strategic development of substance use disorder treatment protocols, technologies, pharmaceuticals, devices, etc 
  • Personalized cross-departmental project management
  • Full integration with company’s overall business strategy
  • Identification and targeting strategy for external stakeholders, customers, and key opinion leaders
  • Substance use disorder education and material development for internal and external stakeholders
  • Marketing and commercial strategy
  • Sales force and medical team outsourcing
  • Research and pilot program development
  • Product launch and life-cycle management 

Additional Stakeholders 

• Advocacy group networking

• Pilot program development (ex. criminal justice system, emergency department, etc.) 


Market Access 

• Commercial payer strategy

• Clinical & medical support

• Medicaid/Medicare strategy and P&T support

• Pilot program development 

Market Access 

• Key opinion leader identification & development • Medical information response development

• Substance use disorder training

• MSL development & management 


• Geographical targeting

• HCP targeting

• Representative training & deployment

• Sale Force metric development 

Addiction Consulting Services At TRRN