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Answer the following questions and record the number of times you answer yes:

  • Do you feel a compulsion to consume drugs or alcohol to get through the day?
  • Do you crave alcohol or drugs at a specific time every day?
  • Has anyone ever suggested you quit or cut back on drinking or taking drugs?
  • Have you made promises to control drinking or using drugs and broken them?
  • Has your performance at school, work or home been affected by your drug and alcohol consumption?
  • Has your drinking or drug use interfered or caused problems with personal relationships?
  • Has drinking or drug use led to financial difficulties?
  • Do you constantly think about the next time you can drink alcohol or take drugs?
  • Are you able to drink or use more drugs now without feeling the repercussions, compared to when you first started?
  • Do you experience withdrawal symptoms after a period of time in which you haven’t consumed drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you go to extensive lengths to obtain drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you drink or use drugs alone?
  • Do you experience distress, anxiety, depression, restlessness or feelings of aggression when you don’t drink or use drugs?

If the answer to two or more of these was yes, you may meet the clinical criteria for substance use disorder, and should consult with a trained medical profession, which will be the first important step in your recovery.

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