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The Recovery Research Network practices evidence-based medicine and acknowledges the decades of research and clinical experience that has provided the basis of our understanding of addiction as a chronic brain disease. Although this definition is frequently quoted, the vast majority of addiction treatment is acute, not focusing on the aspects of treatment that will lead to long-term recovery.

TRRN has been established to create a new paradigm in addiction treatment, which will focus on individualizing care to promote long-term outcomes and patient goals, rather than short-term abstinence, which has been demonstrated to have high rates of relapse and fails to support long-term recovery.

The novel three phase treatment paradigm at TRRN is built on achievement of personal treatment milestones, rather than rushing patients through important aspects of recovery before they have the tools to succeed. Utilizing a proprietary outcome tracking software, TRRN is able to more efficiently and effectively adapt treatment to the individual, while monitoring when a patient is able to graduate from one treatment phase to the next. TRRN responsibly utilizes all treatment tools available, including medication, to support an individuals long-term recovery.

TRRN is currently in-network with a number of insurance plans, and will work with your insurance company to get payment for your addiction treatment services.

Treatment Phases at TRRN:
1. Acute Phase @ TRRN
2. Engagement Phase @ TRRN
3. Long-term Recovery Phase @ TRRN

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