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TRRN utilizes a first of its kind integrative treatment approach, developed to address the chronic nature of substance use disorder. Substance use disorder is a chronic disease, characterized by chronic brain changes that have been well studied, but not effectively integrated into comprehensive treatment models. Removing the drug is only the first step. Without a committed therapeutic alliance to support an individual’s recovery, relapse to chronic drug use is all too often the outcome. Through our innovative approach, TRRN not only aims to address stressors, triggers, and conditioned drug behaviors, but in real-time adjusts an individual’s recovery plan to constantly reinforce personal accountability and success in recovery.

Those who join the TRRN family, and unite with us in bringing recovery to those in need, will have the opportunity to give back through The Recovery Research Network Foundation. The TRRN Foundation is a non-profit organization developed to expand addiction education and research throughout our communities.

At TRRN you are not just another patient, you are part of a growing family that will be treated with dignity and respect. We are a growing network dedicated in helping each other recover and rebuild structure and personal accountability in our lives. TRRN will continue to use science and integrative outcome management to support recovery from addiction.